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View progress reports and grade information in jmc Office
View progress reports and grade information in jmc Office

View and print student grade information including letter grades, points and percentages by course and term in jmc Office.

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Office professionals and Administrators can view and print individual student progress reports for specific classes and terms right in jmc Office! View grades, scores, percentages, and assignments in the same format parents see in jmc Family under "Academics" > "Progress Reports". The progress report looks through progress grades published by teachers and will be as up-to-date as the most recently published grade information to help you stay on top of student progress.

Log in to jmc Office and head to Grading > Reports > View Progress Reports to begin. 

Step One: Select the student from the drop-down list to view the progress report.

Fun Fact: The box labeled as the student's name will contain the following current progress information about the student's class schedule so you can stay in the know.

  • Term: information from a specific Semester or Trimester

  • Period: the class period as it appears in the student's schedule

  • Progress Term: active links corresponding to the most recent updated grade information for that term

  • Teacher: the teacher associated with the course; click the teacher name link to send an email to the teacher

Step Two: Click the "Progress Term" link to view progress report information for the corresponding course and term.

Fun Fact: The progress report box will list the most recent information published by the teacher for the student. The included information gives a complete picture of student progress in the class.

  • Student Name, Grade, Advisor, Date, Subject, and Teacher

  • The present letter grade and percentage

  • Categories and weights associated with the course grade

  • Assignments, points, and percentages associated with the course grade

  • Date of the assignments

Step Three: Click the "Print" button to print the information on the progress report.

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