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Run a missing scores report
Run a missing scores report

The missing scores report lists any student missing assignment scores in your building in one comprehensive report.

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Missing scores in a class can be a key indicator of a struggling student. Running a missing scores report in jmc Office is a great tool for at-risk coordinators, guidance counselors, and principals. Start by going to Grading > Reports > Missing Scores to filter your report to get just the information you'd like and learn how to email teachers and families of students listed on the report.

Step One: Select the student grade level(s) to be included in this report from the "Grade" drop-down list.

  • All: all students in your building

  • A specific grade level: students from the selected grade level

Step Two: Select a term type from the "Term Type" drop-down list and specify a term by clicking the appropriate radio button to filter your report.

Step Three: Click the "Full" or "Condensed" radio button to select your report type.

  • Full: a detailed row for each missing assignment including the subject, teacher name, assignment name, assignment points possible, and date due

  • Condensed: a row for each missing assignment including the subject and the teacher name

Step Four: Click the "All Missing Scores" or "Only 'M' and 'MI' Scores" radio button to specify the type of missing scores to be included in the report.

  • All Missing Scores: all missing scores

  • Only ‘M’ and ‘MI’ scores: scores designated by the teacher as ‘M’ or ‘MI’

Step Five: Click the "Preview" button to view the missing scores report.

Step Six: Click the teacher's name under the "Teacher" column to email the teacher of a course.

Step Seven: Click the "Email Primary Contacts" link next to a student's name to send an email message to all primary contacts of that student.

Helpful Tip: The email message will contain a list of missing assignments for that student so the primary contacts can help get them back on track!

Step Seven: Click the "Print" button to print the report or click the "Export" button to export it to a CSV text file.

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