Want to save your teachers some time? Enter your building's grade cutoffs in one spot. Then, teachers can adopt those default cutoffs into each of their classes with a single click. They'll be set to grade in no time and rest assure that your teachers will all have consistent cutoffs.

To enter system-wide cutoffs in jmc Office go to Grading > Utilities > Teacher Grade Cutoffs.

Step One: Click the "Add Grade Cutoff" link to add your first-grade cutoff.

Step Two: Select the "Grade" a student can earn from the drop-down list and enter the minimum percentage needed to earn the grade in the "Cutoff" field.

Helpful Tip: For example, if your lowest "A" is 90%, select "A" from the "Grade" drop-down list and enter "90" in the "Cutoff" field.

Step Three: Click the "Save" link to record your new cutoff.

Step Four: Continue adding grade cutoffs until all letter grades and percentages have been entered for the class.

Fun Fact: The last grade's cutoff should be zero and is typically a failing grade.

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