Administrators and guidance counselors can make sure the most recent student records appear on transcripts by bringing student transcripts up to date at the end of the term or year. Click the "Bring Up To Date" button to display the most recent transcript information in jmc's Office Grading module and the Transcripts page of jmc Family and jmc Student to easily maintain updated student transcripts!

Go to Grading > Transcripts > Bring Up To Date in jmc Office.

Step One: Click the "Bring Up To Date" button to transfer course, grade and attendance information to student transcripts.

Helpful Tip: Update student transcripts at the end of each term and at the end of the school year to maintain current student transcripts in jmc.

Fun Fact: The "Bring Up to Date" function can be run as often as needed and will replace old data with the most current information in jmc Office.

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