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Office staff professionals will appreciate the ability to view, edit and print student transcripts for accurate course and grade reporting.

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Transcripts are a permanent record of courses taken, grades received, immunizations, test scores, activities, and honors received from the first day of attendance to the current school year. Most post-secondary programs will require an academic record, so it is important to be able to keep these records up to date and accurate. jmc has several utilities to help you do just that! Ready to dive into student transcripts? Take a look at the eight features available in student transcripts.

Bring Up to Date

If a student is missing records in their transcript, it is generally because their transcript record needs to be brought up to date. Use the "Bring Up to Date" feature to bring grading information from jmc Teacher to keep transcript information current.

Transcript Linker

Enable/disable the direct link between student transcript data and the schedules and grades data. For example, credits and grade points on the Schedules > Student > Edit Schedules page can be made to reflect the previous years' credits and grade points from the transcript data if the transcript linker is enabled.

Edit Student Transcript

Need to grant more credit to a student for prior work done or adapt the transcript of a transfer student? Enter/edit an individual student transcript to accommodate a student for credited coursework.

Print Transcript

Print one or multiple student transcripts to have a permanent copy of a student's academic information. Office professionals have the option to select the specific information included in the transcript which keeps unnecessary information confidential.

Edit Transcript Courses

Edit transcript courses to adjust a course or grade. When a student transfers into your district, they might have an incomplete transcript. Add an existing course to the transcript and denote it as a “Transfer Credit” course in order to complete the student transcript.

Print Transcript Courses

Print a name and number reference list of all transcript courses available.

Edit Transcript Grades

Edit basic grade value information. Typically the only editing may be for transfer students who received grades on their transcripts that were not defined in your school.

Import Transcripts from a 2nd jmc Building

Move transcript records up from a lower building. For example, if a high school would like to have their student transcripts include records from the district’s middle school, records are imported from the middle school’s jmc database into the high school’s jmc database.

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