jmc's Print Transcripts will print courses, grades, immunizations, career and college readiness, health notes and activities for students needing an official transcript. This is helpful for high school students needing documentation of courses and grades for college applications or for a student transferring between districts.

To print or export transcripts, log in to jmc Office and go to Grading > Transcripts > Print Transcripts.

Step One: Select the student for whom you'd like to print a transcript by entering their name in the "Find" field.

Step Two: Select a radio button from the "Select" box to identify which student transcripts to print.

  • Sequential: enter a range of student IDs in the "From" and "To" fields

  • Random: select one or more students by entering their name or student ID in the "Find" drop-down list

  • Grade: enter a grade level range in the "From" and "To" drop-down lists

  • Advisor: enter a range of advisor IDs in the "From" and "To" fields

Step Three: Select the transcript records to print using the "Include Transcript Records" drop-down list.

  • All Records: all courses and grades for the student

  • Beginning With Grade 9: courses and grades beginning with grade nine

  • Beginning with Grade 9 AND earlier records that count in GCR or GPA: all courses and grades from grade nine and above as well as any course taken in an earlier grade level counting in graduation credit or for cumulative GPA

  • Change Grade Level Cutoff: courses and grades beginning with the grade you specify

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the checkbox for transcript, activities, health, test score, and other records to be printed for the selected student(s).

Step Five: Select a radio button from the "Form Size" box to identify which form size to print.

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the "Include Class Ranking" checkbox to include the student's class ranking on the transcript.

Step Seven: Select the term type from the "Term Type" drop-down list and click the appropriate radio button to specify a class rank "as-of" term.

Step Eight (optional): Enter a note in the "Optional Message" box for information that needs clarification.

Step Nine: Click the "Print" button to print the transcripts or click the "Export" button to export the transcript records to a CSV text file.

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