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Creating transfer courses on a student transcript
Creating transfer courses on a student transcript

Need to enter transcript information for a student that has transferred into the school? Edit student transcripts right in jmc Office.

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If a transfer student took a course not offered in your district you can easily create the new transfer course right from one page, the Edit Student Transcripts page.

Log in to jmc Office and head to Grading > Transcripts > Edit Student Transcripts to define the course credit amount, grading scale, cumulative GPA inclusion, and graduate credit inclusion.

In adding or editing student transcripts you've added a row to a student's transcript, so now let's get started adding the new transfer course.

Step One: Click the "Add Transfer Course" Quick Link to initiate the "Add Transcript Course" window.

Step Two: Select the correct school year using the "Year" drop-down list to create a course in that particular year.

Step Three: Select a course number for the new transfer course using the "New Course" drop-down list.

Step Four: Enter the new transfer course name in the "Course Name" field.

Step Five: Enter the amount of credit the student received for passing the course in the "Credit" field.

Step Six: Place a checkmark in the "Grad Credit" checkbox if the student received graduate credit for passing the course.

Step Seven: Place a checkmark in the "Cum GPA" checkbox if the course counts toward the student's cumulative GPA.

Step Eight: Select the number of credit-bearing term grades for the course using the "# of Credit Grades" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: For example: For a semester course that received just two-quarter grades (no semester grade) select "2" from the drop-down list. In this case, each quarter grade received half of the total course credit.

Step Nine: Select a grading scale from the "Grading Scale" drop-down list to indicate which grading scale the course follows.

Step Ten: Enter any course or state-specific information in the appropriate fields to ensure accurate state reporting.

โ€‹Step Eleven: Click the "Save" button to add the transfer course to your jmc data and make it available for use on student transcripts.

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