How do you identify students who haven’t registered for as many courses or credits as they should have without going to each student’s schedule? Or how do you find students who accidentally signed up for the same course they've already taken in a past year? Run a Registration Check report! Choose to list students registered for fewer than a specified number of credits or list students with repeated courses. Either way you will find the students whose registration needs some attention.

To run the registration check report, log in to jmc Office, go to Schedules > Student > Registration Check.

Step One: Select the grade range using the "Grade" "From" and "To" drop-down lists to narrow the list of students included in the report.

Step Two: Click the appropriate radio button in the “Sort” box to determine if the report is to be sorted “By Student" or "By Grade”.

Step Three: Click the appropriate radio button to display either the "Registered Credits" or "Repeating Course" information in your report.

  • Registered Credits: lists the student name, grade level, and total registered credits for every student registered for fewer than the specified number of credits.

  • Repeating Course: lists the student name, grade level, year the course was taken, as well as the course number and name of any course included in the registration that had previously been completed by the student.

Helpful Tip: If you clicked the "Registered Credits" radio button in Step Three, enter a credit threshold in the "List students registered for fewer than credits" field to view all students that do not meet that threshold.

Step Four: Click the "Preview" button to view the report of students who do not meet the credit registration criteria.

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to save a PDF or print the report for future reference.

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