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Creating courses for elementary and middle school scheduling
Creating courses for elementary and middle school scheduling

With available course numbers in hand, create your new elementary or middle school course to add to your course data list.

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Courses provide the structure for a master schedule in jmc. Once courses are created, users can begin the scheduling students so teachers can use gradebook and report card functions. To create courses for elementary and middle school scheduling in jmc, simply enter the course number, course name and term type along with a few other details so you can begin registering students.

Start adding your new course in jmc Office using the Edit Course Data page at Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data.

Step One: Enter the course number of an available course in the "Find" field to start entering course data for a new course.

Step Two: Enter a name for the new course in the "Course Name" field to later identify your course.

Helpful Tip: To easily identify the course for scheduling students, include the grade level, subject, and teacher in the course name. For example, 1st Reading Smith, 1st Math Smith, or 1st Social Studies Smith.

Step Three: Select a term type from the "Term Type" drop-down list to establish the end of term reporting periods for the selected course.

Helpful Tip: The most common choices are "Yearly (Semester)" and "Yearly (Trimester)" to build a typical elementary and middle school yearlong master schedule.

Step Four: Place a checkmark in the "Report Card" checkbox to allow teachers to calculate course grades and take attendance for the selected course in jmc Teacher.

Step Five: Place a checkmark in the "Counts in GPA" and "Honor Roll" checkboxes to enable academic awards for the selected course.

Step Six: Click the "Save" button to save the course to the course directory or navigate away from the page without saving to discard changes.

Helpful Tip: Repeat this process until all new courses are entered to complete the course entry phase of the scheduling process.

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