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Enter special circumstance course data
Enter special circumstance course data

Special circumstance course data, as part of the edit course data page, is edited on specific course data tabs

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Among the general course data settings, there is special circumstance data to edit as part of a course. This data is not used day-to-day but needed when doing state reporting, managing fees, and more. This unique information is spread across four tabs, each detailed below with instructions on how to edit the information. 

In jmc Office get started by going to Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data and click the tab you need.

Grading Schemes tab

Grading schemes dictate which term grades are assigned to each course. Let's go through how to set a grading scheme for your course.

Step One: Check the "Exam Required" checkbox if the teacher is required to give an exam.

Fun Fact: If the "Exam Required" checkbox is checked and a student is missing an exam grade, this will result in an incomplete for the student's GPA.

Step Two: Select the appropriate grading scheme for the course to set the term grades that are to be tracked.

Helpful Tip: The available grading scheme choices vary depending upon the term of the course selected in the "Term Type" drop-down list.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to save your grading scheme.

State Specific - Course tab

Your state department of education may require certain additional course data fields. To ensure successful state reporting please fill out any appropriate fields based upon your school and course offerings. Don't forget to click "Save"!

Fees Tab

Attaching specific fees to each course on the Fees tab gives you the option to easily charge all enrolled students the fee amount. Let's quickly review how to add a fee to a specific course.

Step One: Click the "Add Fee" link to attach a fee to the course.

Step Two: Select the desired fee from the "Fee" drop-down list.

Step Three: Click the "Save" link to attach the fee to the course, or click "Cancel" to discard your changes.

Fun Fact: Click the "Edit" link if you need to make a change to an existing fee. Select the fee using the "Fee" drop-down list and click the "Update" link to save your changes.

Description tab

The description tab allows you to enter a course description and store it with the course.

Step One: Enter the course description in the "Local Course Description" field if your state department of education requires this information for state reporting.

Step Two: Click the "Save" button to upload the description to your jmc database.

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