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Review the credit checker setup
Review the credit checker setup

The credit checker makes sure students have the information needed to track progress toward graduation with their class.

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jmc Office's Credit Checker is comprised of utilities and reports to ensure students are on track to graduate with their class. Use the Credit Checker utilities to manage graduation requirements which may be defined for each graduation year, including requirements for specific subject areas as well as overall minimum credit totals. Even run reports to alert you to students who may not be on track for graduation based upon past and current course load.

Updating Transcript Records

When a Credit Checker report is generated, it is based on the current state of the student transcript records, i.e. courses completed, grades assigned, courses registered for, etc. so make sure those transcript records are accurate and up-to-date.

Define names of Subject Areas

Before establishing the graduation course and credit requirements, the names of the subject areas need to be defined. Adding in the subject ID, subject area in which the students need to earn credits such as math, science, art, etc., and the graduation year for the course will ensure the courses are properly added.

Define Graduation Requirements

After adding and editing subject areas, you will need to define the graduation requirements for each graduating class by setting the specific courses for each subject area. This will set the number of credits a student needs from a specific subject area to graduate.

Run Test Reports

Run test reports to make sure the courses and credits are successfully set up. A successful test report ensures accurate requirement setup so counselors will have correct credit check information for students throughout the school year.

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