You will love the ease with which you can set up and quickly view a variety of reports using the Admin Dashboard in jmc Office. With a few clicks, view class lists sorted by grade, advisor, teacher, activity, or view specific students. Check out a 10,000-foot view of important building level data such as GPAs, attendance, discipline referrals, communications, lunch accounts, and tuition/fees. Set "At Risk" warning parameters to receive alerts when students show signs of falling through the cracks. Even dive into a teacher's gradebook to see how students are performing in a specific class.

In jmc Office, head to File > Admin Dashboard and check out what's available!

Student Data

In the "Student" tab of the Admin Dashboard, you will be able to view a customized list of student data items such as name, ID, grade, birth date, gender, and advisor. With the simple check of a checkbox, toggle the following information to include in a view:

  • Locker #

  • Bus #

  • Cumulative GPA

  • Class Rank

  • Percentile Rank

  • Total Tardies

  • Total Absences

  • Referrals

  • Communication

  • Missing Scores

  • Lunch Balance

  • Fee Balance

Select student groups by using drop-down lists to specify a grade level, advisor, teacher, or activity or they can look up individual random students. Find all of the important student data in one easy-to-access location rather than sifting through reports or hunting through individual modules!

Building Data

You may want a snapshot of how the entire building is performing in certain areas. When clicking the "Building" tab in the Admin Dashboard, view a variety of building-level reports. Keep tabs on the school's collective GPA by viewing the average GPA by grade level. Get a total number and percentage of students that have a GPA above 2.0 and also see the total number and percentage of students carrying a 4.0 or better!

Take a glance at attendance, discipline, and communication in the building in this view as well. See the total number of tardies, absences, discipline referrals, and communication submissions by grade and view building totals for each category. Also, see remaining balances for lunch and tuition and fees!

At-Risk Warning Signs

Keep tabs on any student that might be in danger of falling into an at-risk category quickly and efficiently. Set up "At-Risk" early warning signs that include discipline referrals, absences, and grade information. Set your own thresholds for each category, name the level of urgency, and schedule the report to be sent to your email address and the email address of any relevant stakeholder (guidance counselor, at-risk coordinator, etc.).

In the "Early Warning-At Risk" tab, take a look at the students who fall within your thresholds. Sort by each category to view At-Risk level and view raw numbers of discipline referrals, absences, and low grades. Click student names to access their student data page! Armed with this information, administrators can make educational decisions with real-time data to catch kids before they fall through the cracks!

Accessing Teacher Gradebooks

With the Admin dashboard, administrators don't need a teacher's credentials to log in to jmc Teacher to view a teacher's gradebook. Simply click the "Teacher Gradebook Login" link in the "Quick Links" section of the dashboard. From there, use the drop-down list to find the teacher gradebook you would like to access. View all of the information entered into the gradebook by the teacher without the risk of editing anything! All of the categories and assignments, seating charts, competency-based grading information, and Family App classroom news is available for viewing right from the Admin dashboard with no need for the teacher's login credentials!

The admin dashboard is a great way to start your day. Get up to speed on what's going on in your building in one convenient location.

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