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Learning the ins and outs of the Admin dashboard
Learning the ins and outs of the Admin dashboard

Administrators and office professionals can get a quick view of student progress using the Admin Dashboard.

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jmc's Admin Dashboard is a dynamic tool for viewing and sorting important student data such as attendance, discipline, communication, lunch and tuition and fees account information. Customize viewable data, sort the students included in your report and export your list to a CSV file to quickly identify students that might be considered "at risk" all from one handy page with the Admin Dashboard in jmc Office!

In jmc Office, head to File > Admin Dashboard to check out this powerful feature!

Identifying Students

One of the strengths of the Admin Dashboard is the capability of accessing precise information for the individual students or groups of students you are looking for. Narrow the range of students included in your Admin Dashboard report by the following options:

  • Grade: view all students or students in a specific grade level or combine the "Grade" filter with the "Student", "Advisor", "Teacher" or "Activity" filters to narrow the students in your report

  • Student: view all students in the selected grade level or choose individual students with the "By Random" option

  • Advisor: view information for students associated with a specific advisor

  • Teacher: view students in one or multiple courses taught by a specific teacher

  • Activity: view students that are involved in a specific activity such as football or band

Setting up and viewing student data

On the "Student" and "Student Settings" tabs quickly customize and view a list of student data items such as student ID, grade, birth date, class rank, total tardies, discipline referrals, communication records and cumulative GPA. Even sort the list to view students and data in ascending or descending order.

  • "Student" tab: view a wide variety of information including hand selected items, primary contact information, activities, medical emergency plans and quickly access the student scope all from the "Student" tab in the Admin Dashboard

  • "Student Settings" tab: customize the student data items displayed on the "Student" tab of the admin dashboard report to include Cum GPA, Class Rank, Total Tardies, Total Absences and more

Viewing building data

Keep your fingers on the pulse of your school by easily viewing cumulative data for the different grade levels in your building. View the average GPA for a grade level or the entire school, along with the total number of absences and tardies, discipline and communication referrals by grade level and total lunch and tuition and fees balances for the school all from the "Building" tab in the Admin Dashboard.

Early Warning-At Risk

Keep tabs on students that might be in danger of falling into an at-risk category due to attendance, low grades, or discipline referrals. Simply configure your at-risk settings on the "Early Warning-At Risk Settings" tab, run a report to view students that meet at-risk criteria on the "Early Warning-At Risk" tab and schedule an email alert to make educational decisions with real-time data and catch kids before they fall through the cracks!

  • "Early Warning-At Risk Settings" tab: define the at-risk levels for discipline referrals, low grades and absences with your very own color coded system for easy identification

  • "Early Warning-At Risk" tab: view all students who fall into one of your pre-defined at-risk categories and export your data to a CSV file to identify students you consider to be at-risk

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