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Explore the building tab in the Admin Dashboard
Explore the building tab in the Admin Dashboard

Using jmc Office, administrators get a quick peek at building-level summaries of student information to make informed decisions.

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jmc Office makes it easy for administrators to quickly get a summary view of important student statistics in their building. Summary information can be helpful in watching for unwanted trends before digging into student-level detail.

The "Building" tab in the Admin Dashboard gives an overview of student GPA data, attendance, discipline referrals, communication submissions, and current total negative lunch and tuition balances.

To start exploring, log in to jmc Office and head to File > Admin Dashboard. Then click the "Building" tab. Decide how you would like to view the information available.

  • Filter for a specific term or the entire year to date.

  • Select key parameters from the drop-down lists to narrow your view by a range of students, such as all active students, a specific grade level, random students, advisees of a particular advisor, students in a particular teacher's classes, or a specific activity.

Once you've narrowed your student view, check out your summary information for the variety of categories.

GPA Data

The average GPA, number and percentage of students with less than a 2.0, and number and percentage of students with a 4.0 or greater are all displayed for each grade level and as a total for the whole building.


View the total number of absences and tardies per grade level and for the building.


The number of discipline referrals is displayed broken down by grade and then totaled for the building.


The number of communication submissions for each grade level and the building as a whole is shown.

Lunch and Tuition/Fees

Both of these areas will show you the total of all accounts currently with negative balances in your building.

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