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Navigate the starting the school year checklist like a pro
Navigate the starting the school year checklist like a pro

There are many steps to starting a school year. In jmc, those steps have been made easy to track in an easy-to-follow checklist.

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The beginning of the school year is always an anxious time as administrators and front office professionals will want to make sure they are ready to roll for the first day of school. That's why jmc created the "Start of School Year Checklist!" Easily access your "to do" items for all the jmc Modules in jmc Office to ensure a smooth start to your school year. As you complete items and check them off the list, the page updates to show your progress toward having all items completed.

Let's explore the page a bit. Head to File > Start of School Year Checklist to start checking those items off one by one!

Progress Bar

Track your progress through the start of the school year checklist using the progress bar. Your progress will update automatically as you check off the items in each section. The percentage will display how much you have completed overall to help you stay on pace for day one!

Menu Items

The Menu Items drop-down list will display areas in jmc that will need your attention to start the school year successfully. Simply select a section from the drop-down list to view the to-do items for that section and split among district personnel. For example, let the activities director handle the Activities to-do items.

jmc Modules

Begin with the jmc Modules section to make sure all the staff, students, and families have the access to jmc that they need.


The items in each section contain hyperlinks that will take you to the specific areas referenced within the software. Right-Click or Control-Click the hyperlink to open the link in a new tab to move back and forth between the checklist and the module pages efficiently.


Place checkmarks in the checkboxes when you complete items to track your progress. Not using a module? No problem! Place a checkmark in the checkboxes to show that this item no longer needs your attention.

Complete each item in each section on the menu and you will be ready for the start of the school year!

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