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Nebraska: ADVISER End Year reporting
Nebraska: ADVISER End Year reporting

Congrats! You've made it to the end of another great year. Now we need to do the final state reporting submission to close things out.

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Nebraska end of year reporting provides users the opportunity to submit their ADVISER data to the Department of Education to satisfy the state's requirements. This is a great opportunity to wrap up the year and submit everything from discipline records to post graduate intentions. jmc simplifies this reporting process by laying out all your reporting requirements in a organized, easy to follow manner.

To submit your end of year ADVISER data, work your way through the tabs located at Nebraska > ADVISER > End Year in jmc Office.

Let's get you off to a great start to your end of year reporting by reviewing the "Checklist" tab. Here you will find all the items that need to be done prior to submitting data to ensure accurate and error free reporting.

After marking all checklist items complete, let's tackle the "General" tab, where you will submit general school information such as grading periods, course offerings, and teacher sections.

Next we will be submitting your discipline records. Look under (you guessed it) the "Discipline" tab to report all discipline records required by the state.

The final end of year tab to work through is the "Post Graduate" tab which will lead you through the process of uploading to the state all of your graduates' plans beyond high school.

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