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Add events to the Family app using the Event Scheduler
Add events to the Family app using the Event Scheduler

Streamline communication from the school to families by including events in the Event Scheduler within jmc Office.

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Maximize the capabilities of the jmc Family app by incorporating school news, meal updates, and extracurricular activities into the Event Scheduler within jmc Office. Within the calendar view on the Event Scheduler page in jmc Office, you can select a date, enter a subject, specify start and end times, and link the event to an activity providing families with comprehensive access to school event information through the jmc Family app.

In jmc Office, head to File > Event Scheduler to begin entering your school's events.

Step One: Click the "Day", "Week", "Month" or "Timeline" button at the top of the calendar to adjust the viewing settings to your preference.

Helpful Tip: Click the right or left arrow to quickly advance to the previous or next day, week or month.

Step Two: Double click a date or time slot to open the "New Appointment" pop-up and begin creating a new event.

Step Three: Enter the name of the event in the "Subject" field to define the event for your families (for example "Varsity Football").

Step Four: Enter the start date and time, and the end date and time, in the "Start time” and "End time" fields to provide the appropriate details for families in the jmc Family app.

Helpful Tip: Is this an all-day event? If so, place a checkmark in the "All day" checkbox to indicate that the event will take place throughout the day.

Step Five: Select "Meal Change", "School News", or "Activity" from the "Event" drop-down list to display an event for families on the jmc Family app.

Step Six (optional): If you selected "Activity", select the appropriate activity from the "Activity" drop-down list to share the event with families whose students are on that Activity's roster.

Helpful Tip: Make short work of filling out your "Activity" events by connecting your web-based calendars with the "Events Scheduler" through jmc's iCal integration.

Step Seven (optional): Enter details about the event in the "Description" field to provide additional information to your families.

Step Eight (optional): Enter the address for the event in the "Location" field to create a clickable link in the jmc Family app that uses the mobile device's default map application to help families easily locate the sporting event or activity.

Helpful Tip: Provide families with access to the person in charge of the event by adding the phone number of the event coordinator in the "Phone" field.

Step Nine: Click the "Save" button to make your changes live on the Family app or click the "Cancel" button to discard them.

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