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Configuring Family app settings in jmc Office
Configuring Family app settings in jmc Office

Customize the experience for families logging into the jmc Family app! Set school address, meal menus and everything in between!

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jmc helps schools define interactions with families by customizing the family experience with the jmc Family mobile app. Control the first things families see everyday when they connect to your school via the mobile app. Upload photos, maps, add custom links and more for each building in your district.

Let jmc help with your school's branding by utilizing the customization options in the Family app settings! Go to jmc Family > Family App Settings in jmc Office to begin customizing your building's information.

Step One: Click the term type drop-down list to select the type of terms your building uses for its grading scheme.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the term checkboxes to allow families to see information associated with a specific term or multiple terms.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Use Period Attendance Hotline" checkbox to allow families to inform the school of an upcoming absence directly from the app, eliminating the need to call the school!

Helpful Tip: Worried about a kiddo marking themselves absent in their parent’s phone? We’ve got that covered! When a student has been marked absent via the hotline, jmc will email a notification to the primary contact.

Step Four: Click the "Change File" link next to "School Photo" in the “Uploads” section to upload an image of your school to show in the Family app.

Helpful Tip: Upload jpeg or png files under 2MB in size to properly display on the mobile app.

Fun Fact: Once the file upload is complete, you’ll notice the “No File” link has now changed to your uploaded photo indicating the upload was successful!

Step Five: Repeat step four to upload "School Map" and "School Bell Schedule" images to display on the jmc Family app.

Step Six: Enter the appropriate information in the "Building Info" fields to add your school's address, website and contact information.

Step Seven: Add descriptions and URL's in the appropriate fields of the "Quick Links" section to provide easy access to websites frequently utilized by your school.

Helpful Tip: Include the full web address including the "www" or the "http://" when entering a URL to ensure a clickable link.

Step Eight: Click the “Update” button to save your updated settings.

Step Nine: Upload your school calendar to keep families in the know regarding no school days, holidays, and more!

Helpful Tip: Does your school use a web-based calendar such as Google Calendar? Simply follow these steps to include it on the jmc Family app!

  • Select the "URL" radio button in the "School Calendar" box to link to an existing calendar.

  • Enter the URL of your calendar (complete with the www or https://) in the field available to attach your web-based calendar.

  • Click the “Update” button to save your calendar URL.

No web-based calendar? No problem! Simply snap a screen cap of your district calendar and upload the image by following these simple steps!

  • Select the “Upload” radio button to upload a calendar image file.

  • Click the “Change File” link to select a new or updated file to upload.

  • Click the “Select” button to browse and select the calendar image file from your computer.

Step Ten: Click the "Add Menu" button to add a new meal menu.

Step Eleven: Select "Breakfast" or "Lunch" from the "Type" drop-down list to specify which menu is being displayed.

Step Twelve: Enter a menu name in the "Menu Name" field so families can quickly identify which menu meets their kiddos needs.

Step Thirteen: Enter the URL of your meal menu in the “URL” field to make the menu visible to families.

Step Fourteen: Click the "Save" button to include your meal menu in the Family app or click "Cancel" to discard changes.

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