In an effort to improve student learning, many schools are implementing Response To Intervention (RTI) as a part of a Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS) plan. jmc's Flex Scheduler helps organize the changing subjects, flexible rosters and varied time periods associated with an MTSS system so teachers can plan interventions, manage attendance and monitor student growth from one convenient platform.

So what is MTSS?

MTSS is an instructional framework that allows teachers to identify individual students or small groups that are in need of additional support in meeting grade-level standards or who could benefit from enrichment through project-based learning or real-world, hands-on application of skills. Schools are setting aside chunks of time throughout the school day to allow teachers to work with individual students or small groups in a "guided study hall" type atmosphere. Bolt Time, BUC Time, Power Hour, and WIN Time are all examples of an RTI component within an MTSS system.

jmc Office Flex Schedule Calendar

The Flex Schedule Calendar in jmc Office allows users to set up a time within the existing schedule to account for MTSS periods. Provide a unique name for your MTSS period and set it to repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Have multiple MTSS time periods throughout the day? Not a problem! Set multiple flex periods throughout the day with different names so students and teachers can differentiate MTSS periods!

jmc Teacher and jmc Student Flex Schedules

The foundation of every MTSS system emphasizes student ownership of their learning with teachers as facilitators that guide by providing timely and actionable feedback. jmc's Flex Scheduler provides students the ability to to select the offering that suits their needs while teachers create opportunities that will move learning forward for all students. The Flex Scheduler is equipped with locking options, private offerings, student sign up windows, and capacity limits to help teachers guide students into making the correct choices for their education.

jmc Office Flex Schedule

jmc Office offers a variety of tools for administrators, counselors and other MTSS specialists to monitor offerings and student rosters as overseers of an MTSS system. Create offerings for teachers and add students to the roster right from jmc Office to streamline the process for teachers. View and edit offerings created by teachers, view rosters for each offering and see the students that are not in an offering to supervise your school's RTI times.

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