One of the most effective instructional practices a school can implement is timely instruction that meets the specific and varied needs of students. Many schools are implementing a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) also known as Response to Intervention (RTI) and jmc is here to ease scheduling challenges that can arise with MTSS.

jmc's Flex Scheduler can help organize changing subjects, changing rosters, and varied time periods while still giving teachers the ability to take attendance and view important student information in jmc Teacher.

So what is MTSS?

MTSS is an instructional framework that allows teachers to identify individual students or small groups that are in need of additional support in meeting grade-level standards. MTSS frameworks also allow teachers to identify students that could benefit from enrichment through project-based learning or other small groups, real-world, hands-on application of skills. Schools are setting aside chunks of time throughout the school day to allow teachers to identify students and meet with groups in a sort of "guided study hall" type atmosphere. Bolt Time, BUC Time, Power Hour, and WIN Time are all examples of components of an MTSS system.

jmc Office Flex Schedule Calendar

In jmc Office, office professionals can set up time within the daily schedule to account for MTSS time. Beginning at File > Flex Schedule Calendar, office professionals can name their MTSS time period, schedule it to occur over a set date range, and repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Do you have multiple MTSS time periods throughout the day? Not a problem! Set multiple flex periods throughout the day with different names so students and teachers can differentiate MTSS periods! The flex schedule calendar gives office professionals ultimate control over when flexible scheduling will occur within the school day.

jmc Teacher and jmc Student Flex Schedules

jmc empowers teachers and students to make choices about specific offerings with the flex scheduler feature. The cornerstone of every MTSS system puts the decision-making process regarding the skills students need to work on and when they need support into the hands of the most important stakeholders: the teachers and students. In jmc Teacher, teachers select the MTSS flex time period and name the offering they will provide during that time period. Teachers then select the students needing to attend the learning opportunity using a range of options including by individual student, by class, or by grade level.

jmc also empowers students by giving schools the option to allow students to choose their own MTSS adventure! When the feature is enabled in jmc Teacher, students are able to view and sign up for offerings in jmc Student simply by placing a checkmark in a checkbox! Worried about having too many students sign up for one offering? No problem! Teachers can set the maximum capacity for their offerings in jmc Teacher.

jmc Office Flex Schedule

Office professionals have a few additional flex scheduling tools at their disposal. Specific flex times can be explored to view the offerings teachers have created in jmc Teacher. Select a specific MTSS offering and see the students that have been assigned to or signed up for the offering. Need to find students who have not yet signed up for any offering? That list of students is only a click away. jmc Office users can also create an offering, assign a teacher, a room number and students as well.

The jmc Office Flex Schedule module is the essential management tool for all MTSS activity!

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