Schools incorporating flexible MTSS periods into their schedule can do so with jmc Office's flex scheduler. Flex offerings allow teachers as well as office professionals to create dynamic offerings on a daily basis and schedule students based on need. The first phase of setting up the flex scheduler is setting up the flex schedule calendar. Name your flex period, choose the date(s) and choose the time and period associated with the flex offerings.

To start creating your flex schedule, head to File > Flex Schedule Calendar in jmc Office.

Step One: Double click a date to begin scheduling a flex period.

Fun Fact: Scheduling a flex period on the calendar allows teachers and office professionals to create "Flex Offerings".

Step Two: Enter a name for your flex period in the "Subject" field to help teachers and students distinguish the flex period from scheduled classes.

Step Three: Enter a start time and end time in the appropriate fields to create a calendar entry.

Step Four: Select a class period from the "Period" drop-down list to enable the recording of period attendance for your flex period.

Step Five: Select one of the following options to repeat your flex-time:

  • Daily: repeat your scheduled flex period every day for a set number of occurrences.

  • Weekly: repeat your scheduled flex period every week on the same day for a set number of occurrences.

  • Monthly: repeat your scheduled flex period every month on the same day for a set number of occurrences.

Step Six: Enter a number in the "Occurrences" field to set how many times the flex period should repeat.

Helpful Tip: Want to enter a flex period for every day for the next two weeks at the same time of the day? Select "Daily" from the "Repeat Every" drop-down list and enter the number "10" in the occurrences field. This will set your flex period to reoccur every day for 10 days.

Step Seven: Click the "Save" button to add your flex period to the flex schedule calendar or click the "Cancel" button to discard your new flex time entry.

Once you have added a period to the Flex Schedule Calendar, you are ready to create flex schedule course offerings in jmc Office.

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