jmc continues to support schools in their efforts to get on the same page in implementing competency-based or standards-based grading practices, going so far as to allowing your school to customize the terminology used in jmc Teacher to make implementation as gentle as possible for your staff. jmc's default category terms for our CBG grading system are "Assessment Area" and "Formative Assessment". If your school would like to use terms that more closely match your grading philosophy, you can make that change at the district level!

Log in to jmc Office and go to File > Online Settings at the district level to make the changes.

Step One: Click the "Teacher" tab at the top of the screen to access district-level settings for jmc Teacher.

Step Two: Under "Configurable Terminology" edit the terms for "Assessment Area" and "Formative Assessment" by entering your competency-based grading terms in the appropriate fields.

  • Assessment Area: larger level category typically referred to as a "Power Standard" or "Priority Standard". Schools often identify 8-12 assessment areas per class to report on in a grading period.

  • Formative Assessment: default category one step smaller than the "Assessment Area". Typically a department or teacher will break the "Priority Standard" into smaller chunks often referred to as "Benchmarks", "Learning Targets" or "I can" statements.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to make your changes to your CBG terminology.

Fun Fact: The customized competency-based grading language will now appear in jmc Teacher throughout the "Competency-Based Grading" module.

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