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Enabling the Flex Scheduler for your building
Enabling the Flex Scheduler for your building

Before your school uses the Flex Scheduler as your MTSS solution, it needs to be enabled for each building in jmc Office.

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Prior to utilizing the flex scheduler as your MTSS solution, there are a few quick set-up steps in jmc Office to get you rolling. Simply allow teachers to access the flex scheduler and they will be able to schedule individual or small groups of students for enrichment or additional support outside of the existing master schedule. Enabling the flex scheduler sets the stage for successful implementation of MTSS in your school!

To grant teachers access to the flex scheduler, log in to jmc Office and navigate to File > Online Settings.

Step One: Select the appropriate building from the "Switch Building" drop-down list to allow associated teachers access to the flex scheduler.

Step Two: Click the "Teacher" tab at the top of the page to update jmc Teacher settings.

Step Three: Place a checkmark in the "Allow teachers to use Flex Schedules" checkbox at the bottom of the page to enable the flex scheduler for jmc Teacher.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to activate the flex scheduler for teacher use.

Helpful Tip: Complete these steps for each jmc building utilizing the Flex Scheduler feature.

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