Our iCal integration means you won't need to double enter your school events into the jmc Event Scheduler. The integration works by linking an iCal event calendar from programs such as rSchoolToday to a jmc activity.

There are three key steps to configuring an iCal integration:

  1. Enable iCal integration in jmc Office at File > Integrations.

  2. Grab the URL of your event calendar from your external program, such as rSchoolToday.

  3. Paste the iCal URL into the correct jmc Activity in jmc Office at Activities > Edit Activity Definitions.

Enabling the iCal integration in jmc Office

The first part of the process is enabling the iCal integration. To do this, head to jmc Office and click File > Integrations.

Step One: Click the "Edit" link in the iCal row to open the settings.

Helpful Tip: Don't see iCal? Connect with jmc Tech Support to get the iCal integration turned on.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Enabled" checkbox to begin the integration.

Step Three: Choose a time of day jmc should synchronize calendars each day in the "Time" field.

Step Four: Click the "Update" link to finish enabling the iCal integration or click the "Cancel" link to exit.

Grab the URL of your event calendar

Now we need to get the iCal URL of your current activity calendar. Steps here will vary depending on the type of calendar program you use.

Step One: Open your calendar in a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Step Two: Click and highlight the complete URL at the top of your browser window.

Fun Fact: The URL will most likely begin with “webcal://“.

Step Three: Copy the URL to your clipboard by right-clicking on the URL and then clicking "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) or "Copy Link Address" (Chrome).

Paste the iCal URL into the correct jmc Activity

Almost there! jmc needs a one-to-one relationship between an iCal URL and a jmc Activity in order for the Family app to display the activity calendars specific to your kiddos.

Step One: In jmc Office, head to Activities > Edit Activity Definitions.

Step Two: Use the "Find" field at the top of the page to search for an activity you'd like to link to an iCal calendar.

Step Three: Right-click in the "iCal Link" field and paste your iCal URL for the activity.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to activate the link between the iCal calendar and the jmc activity you've selected.

Fun Fact: Click the "Import iCal Information" button to synchronize the activity calendar with the iCal calendar immediately.

Helpful Tip: Repeat the steps in this article for each jmc activity that you'd like to sync with an iCal calendar.

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