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Enabling iCal calendar integration in jmc Office
Enabling iCal calendar integration in jmc Office

iCal integration allows you to eliminate data entry by importing school events already in external programs, such as rSchoolToday.

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By integrating iCal, jmc simplifies scheduling processes by allowing the merging of activities calendars from external programs, such as Google Calendar or rSchoolToday, with the Event Scheduler in jmc Office and the Activities calendar in the jmc Family app. This integration streamlines event and activity management by entering them in one central location, and jmc automatically imports the calendar events. Enabling iCal sharing ensures that school events are automatically updated in jmc, facilitating effective communication of activities and events with families while reducing the burden on office staff who would otherwise need to update multiple calendars.

Enabling iCal integration in jmc Office

The Integrations page in jmc Office is your hub for connecting jmc with the other web-based programs that your school uses. Enabling the iCal integration provides an additional field on the Edit Activity Definitions page for entering iCal URLs in the Activities module.

Importing iCal information for Activities

Once the iCal integration is enabled, iCal links can be associated with any jmc activity on the Edit Activity Definitions page. Associating an iCal link with an activity imports dates from an external web-based calendar into the Event Scheduler calendar in jmc for viewing on the jmc Family App.

  • iCal Link: A computer file format supported by a large number of products including Google Calendar and Apple Calendar providing the ability for syncing data to jmc.

  • Event Scheduler: The calendar in jmc Office for scheduling events linked to activities, meal changes or school news informing families of important upcoming dates. Events are automatically added to the Event Scheduler upon the iCal data sync or they can be manually created and updated as well.

  • Edit Activities Definitions: Activities in jmc Office represent the different clubs, sports and fine arts programs that students are involved with in your school. iCal links are added to activities definitions to link web-based calendars to an activity in jmc.

  • jmc Family App: The mobile app displays events based on families with students involved with activities to help organize busy schedules.

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