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Allowing students to change their jmc student passwords
Allowing students to change their jmc student passwords

If you'd like to allow students to be able to change their own passwords, enable the feature on the "Online Settings" page.

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jmc Office administrators have the ability to decide whether or not your students should be able to change their own password for accessing the jmc Student portal. Enable students to change their jmc Student portal passwords and empower them to take control of their data security by allowing them to manage their own passwords.

In the "District" building in jmc Office, head to the File > Online Settings page to adjust student permissions.

Step One: Click the "Student Access" tab at the top of the page to review and change student settings.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the "Allow Students to change password" checkbox to enable the "Change Password" link on the jmc Student login page.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to apply your changes.

Fun Fact: Office professionals can still access and change student passwords on the "View Student Data" page in jmc Office, and teachers can view student passwords on the "Student Info" page in jmc Teacher, even if students are allowed to change their passwords themselves.

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