Since rSchoolToday can provide an iCal URL for the calendar events they maintain, we can set up an iCal integration to import events into the jmc Event Scheduler eliminating the need to manually enter events in jmc Office. Once the events are imported into the Event Scheduler they will be visible in the Family app!

Learn how to enable the iCal integration before importing rSchoolToday events.

Step One: Go to your rSchoolToday school site and click the "View Schedules" link.

Step Two: Place a checkmark next to an activity in the "View Schedules" drop-down list to select it.

Step Three: Click the "View" button to view the selected activity's schedule.

Step Four: Click the "Subscribe" link in the upper right to open the subscription pop-up.

Step Five: Right-click the iCal icon in the "Calendars" field and choose "Copy Link Location" (Firefox) or "Copy Link Address" (Chrome) to copy the iCal calendar URL to your clipboard.

Step Six: In jmc Office, head to Activities > Edit Activity Definitions.

Step Seven: Use the "Find" field at the top of the page to search for the activity you'd like to link to the iCal calendar.

Step Eight: Right-click in the "iCal Link" field and paste your iCal URL for the activity.

Step Nine: Click the "Save" button to activate the link between the iCal calendar and the jmc activity you've selected.

Fun Fact: Click the "Import iCal Information" button to synchronize the activity calendar with the iCal calendar immediately.

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