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Link iCal calendars to jmc activities
Link iCal calendars to jmc activities

Leverage the iCal synchronization to import calendar events into jmc Office and the Family app.

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After enabling iCal integration with jmc, office users can add an iCal link to an activity's definition to allow the seamless sharing of calendar events between external programs like Google Calendar or rSchoolToday and jmc activities. With the click of a button, your iCal events will be automatically imported into the Event Scheduler in jmc Office and the Activities calendar on the Family app, eliminating the need to update multiple calendars.

Once you retrieve an iCal URL from the external program used by your school, go to jmc Office and navigate to Activities > Edit Activity Definitions to begin linking an activity's calendar with an iCal calendar.

Step One: Enter an activity name in the "Find" field to search for the activity you'd like to link to the iCal calendar.

Step Two: Enter the URL in the "iCal Link" field to associate the iCal calendar with the activity.

Step Three: Click the "Save" button to activate the link between the iCal calendar and the jmc activity you've selected.

Step Four (optional): Click the "Import iCal Information" button to synchronize the activity calendar with the iCal calendar immediately.

Fun Fact: jmc will automatically synchronize the the activity calendar with the iCal calendar at the time defined in the integration process.

Step Five (optional): Repeat steps 1-3 for each activity that has an associated iCal calendar.

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