After using the "Bulk Load Courses" feature to load courses to the majority of students, it's time to individually schedule students with special circumstances, such as students who have moved into the district mid-year or students who work with different teachers than the rest of the students in their grade/homeroom. Because of the special nature of these students' schedules they need to be individually assigned each of their courses on a student-by-student basis.

In jmc Office head to Schedules > Student > Edit Schedules to manually schedule a student into their specific courses.

Step One: Select the student whose schedule you'd like to edit by entering their name in the "Find" drop-down list.

Helpful Tip: Does the student you are hand scheduling have a similar schedule to another student who has already been scheduled? If so, here is how to use the "Copy schedule from another student" feature:

  • Click the "Copy Schedule From Another Student" link in the quick links section to begin.

  • Click the "OK" button in the notification box stating "This student's schedule will be copied from another student" to proceed in copying a schedule from another student to the selected student.

  • Select the other student whose schedule you'd like to copy by entering their name in the "Find" drop-down list.

  • Click the "OK" button to copy the other student's schedule or click the "Close" button to return to the original student's schedule without copying.

Step Two: Select a course from the "Course" drop-down list to add it to the student's schedule or to select all courses, place a checkmark in the checkbox next to the "Course" column.

Helpful Tip: To delete a course or courses from a student's schedule, place a checkmark in the checkbox beside the course name and click the "Delete Course(s)" button.

Step Three: Select a class section from the "Section" drop-down list to move the student into a specific class section of the course.

Step Four: Select the "Lock Section" locking choice from the "Lock" drop-down list if you are using the scheduling tool to place students into sections but need to make sure the student remains in this particular section of the class.

Step Five: Click the "Save" button to save changes you've made to the student's schedule while on this page.

Step Six: Click the "Print" button to print the selected student's schedule.

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