Don't worry about having to go in and check for discipline referrals throughout your day. When a teacher submits a discipline referral, jmc Office users can have an email alert automatically emailed to them as soon as it's submitted to stay up to the minute on issues in their building. Select the jmc Office users to receive the discipline referrals throughout the day to stay on top of student discipline throughout your school.

To get started setting up discipline referrals, log in to jmc Office and head to File > Administrator Options.

Step One: Click the office user(s) you want to receive an email alert when a new discipline record is created and sent to jmc Office in the "Discipline Referrals Email Alerts" box.

Helpful Tip: To select multiple users to receive the alerts, hold down the Ctrl key (Windows) / Command key (Mac) while clicking a user. Deselect a user by holding down the Ctrl key (Windows) / Command key (Mac) while clicking a user.

Step Two: Click the "Update" button to have the selected users receive the email alert when new discipline referrals arrive.

Helpful Tip: To ensure your office team has access to manage the discipline module, head to File > Application Security and select "Make Changes" from the "Discipline" drop-down list.

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