"Look, Mom! No hands!" more like "Look, Mom! No clicks!" jmc Office has made the process of receiving teacher grade submissions as easy as it could possibly be...no work at all! With this time-saving feature, office professionals will have no additional importing steps. Once a teacher has submitted a midterm, end-of-term grade, or standards and benchmark result to the office, the results will automatically appear where they need to be!

Set the acceptance period!

Is it getting close to the end of the term? Are midterms due this week? In jmc Office, open the window to begin accepting teacher submissions of grades and standards and benchmark results. Want to open the window for a narrow period of time? Select a range of dates so the acceptance period will open and close according to the dates you have set.

Alert teachers!

When you turn on grade acceptance, teachers will receive an alert in jmc Teacher instructing them to submit grades. On the teacher home page in bright red letters, it will inform your teachers to send grades to the office! This notification will remain on your teachers' jmc home page until they have submitted their grades.

Keep track of submissions received!

jmc Office will display a list of teachers who have imported grades along with each teacher's name, course, accepted grades, and the import date. As a bonus, a list of teachers who have not yet imported any grades is included. Easily see who has and who has not sent midterm or end-of-term course grades to the office!

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