The credit checker in jmc Office is a great tool for administrators and guidance counselors to keep tabs on who is on track to graduate and the first phase of the process is creating subject areas. Subject areas allow users to group courses that count toward graduation. Once subject areas are created, users will be ready to edit graduation credit requirements.

In jmc Office, head to Grading > Credit Checker > Edit Subject Areas to begin!

Step One: Select a year from the "Graduation Year" drop-down list to begin creating subject areas for a graduating class.

Helpful Tip: Begin by creating subject areas for your freshmen as this will form the foundation for the future years of using the credit checker.

Step Two: Click the "Add Subject Area" link to add a new subject area for course grouping.

Step Three: Enter a subject ID and a subject area in the appropriate fields to define the subject area. For example "001" "Math" or "02" "Social Studies".

Step Four: Click the "Save" link to update the Subject Area to the Subject Area list or click the "Cancel" link to disregard your changes.

Helpful Tip: Need to edit or delete an existing subject area? Click the "Edit" or "Delete" link next to the subject area to make changes.

After you have created subject areas, you are ready to Edit Graduation Credit Requirements for each subject area.

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