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Wrapping up end of term to-dos
Wrapping up end of term to-dos

Use this checklist to make sure students are assessed and grades are collected so report cards can be delivered to families.

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From guiding teachers through the grade submission process to getting report cards in students' and families' hands, jmc is here to guide you through everything you need to do to successfully close out the end of term. Our checklist will help your team set a clear goal and work together to submit and collect grades for successful grade reporting.

Accept course grades and standards and benchmarks

Open the grade acceptance period in jmc Office to invite teachers to submit their grades.

Assess students

Assessing students is vital to keeping teachers, families, and students on the same page as learning milestones are achieved. There are two ways you can do this in jmc: Ending the Term with a Standards-Based Report Card or Ending the Term with
a Course Grade.

Retrieve grades

As grades are submitted, jmc will automatically populate them into report cards eliminating the chore of manually compiling grades.

Utilize the Grade Submission Log in jmc Office

Easily view teachers who still need to submit grades so you know when you are ready to officially close out the grading period and send those report cards home.

Send report cards

Keeping students on track is important for their academic success and is accomplished by communicating their progress to families with end of the term report cards.

Run Honor Roll and Class Rank reports

Find out where students are succeeding academically by printing, and exporting reports to share student progress with all involved.

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