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Create flex schedule offerings in jmc Office
Create flex schedule offerings in jmc Office

In jmc Office, create course offerings and assign students for the periods that have been set up in the flex schedule calendar.

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After setting the flex schedule calendar in jmc Office you are ready to create offerings and assign students to flex periods. MTSS monitors can name a flex offering, assign a teacher, assign a room, set the capacity and make the offering open for all students or private to selected students. Place students into offerings, lock them in place, or view offerings they've selected or been placed into, ensuring students get the support they need when they need it with jmc's flex scheduler.

To create and assign students to an offering for the flex scheduler, head to File > Flex Schedules.

Step One: Click a scheduled flex period in the "Flex Times" box to add an offering for a specific flex period.

Step Two: Click the "Add Offering" link to begin entering an offering to the flex schedule, or select an existing flex time offering in the "My Offerings" box and click the "Edit Offering" link to edit the offering.

Step Three: Select a teacher from the "Teacher" drop-down list to assign the offering to a specific teacher.

โ€‹Step Four: Enter a name for the offering in the "Name" field to help students distinguish this offering from offerings from other teachers.

Helpful Tip: Name the offering by the skill that is being taught by that teacher during the flex period. For example "Research Paper Help", or "Geometry", or "Civil War Review" to indicate the topic of the intervention.

Step Five: Select a room from the "Room" drop-down list to inform students where the flex time offering will meet.

Step Six: Enter a number in the "Capacity" field to limit the number of students that can sign up for an offering.

Helpful Tip: Place a checkmark in the "Offering Private to Selected Students" checkbox to exclude an offering from the list of available offerings in jmd Student.

Fun Fact: Only selected students will be able to see private offerings making it a viable resource for special education interventions.

Step Seven: Select a radio button to narrow the displayed list of students in the Available Students box.

  • Grades: enter a grade level range in the From Grade and To Grade drop-down lists

  • Advisees: view the list of advisees for the offering's teacher

Step Eight: Select a student's name from the Available Students box to add them to the Selected Students box.

Fun Fact: After selecting a student to one of the offerings, the student will appear on other teachers' Available Students lists as SELECTED BY the teacher of this offering. For example: McElmury, John (SELECTED BY: Mrs. Teacher - Flex Offering Name).

Helpful Tip: Place a checkmark next to a student under the Lock column in the Selected Students box to lock the student into the offering so they may not choose any other offering during the current flex time.

Step Nine: Click the "Save" button to finish adding students and to add the offering to the "Offerings" list, or click the "Close" button to discard your new offering.

Step Ten: Enter dates and times or simply click the "Calendar" and "Alarm Clock" icons in the "Student access to offerings" field to open a window of time for students to add themselves to an offering.

Helpful Tip: Enter the same date and time in both sets of fields to disable the student access window and prevent students from signing up for their own flex offerings.

Step Eleven (optional): Click the "Delete Offering" link to delete the currently selected offering in the "Offerings" box.

Helpful Tip: Click the "Copy Offerings" link to copy the flex offerings in the "Offerings" box to another scheduled flex period.

Step Twelve: Click the "Print" button to print a copy of the currently selected offering's roster or click the "Export" button to export to a CSV file.

Helpful Tip: Click on the "Students Not In An Offering" in the "Offerings" box to view all students that have neither registered themselves nor have been signed up by a teacher for a flex offering.

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