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Creating and editing courses
Creating and editing courses

As you prepare to schedule students, first make sure all of the courses you need for the upcoming school year are entered into jmc.

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To successfully begin building your master schedule, start by reviewing and updating the courses in your database. In jmc, courses are the foundation of your schedule and provide teachers access to the gradebook and period attendance features. Create or edit them by customizing course names and term types, defining grading settings such as honor roll and graduate credit, and removing courses that are no longer in use to hit the ground running when building your schedule.

To add new courses or edit existing courses, head to Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data.

Step One: Enter a course name or number in the "Find" field to edit an existing course or enter an available course number in the "Find" field to create a new course.

Helpful Tip: Enter the words "Available Course" in the find field to view and select an unused course number from your database.

Step Two: Enter or edit the "Course Name", "Term Type", and additional general course data to define your course options.

Step Three: Choose "Required" or "Elective" from the "Required Status" drop-down list to prioritize required courses over elective courses during the scheduling process.

Fun Fact: Leaving the "Required Status" drop-down list blank will give all courses equal priority when running the Scheduling Aid.

Helpful Tip: Set all courses as "Required" or "Elective" when using the "Required Status" feature to maintain differentiated priority levels for all courses when running the Scheduling Aid.

Step Four: Click the "Save" button to update any changes.

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