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Reporting course grades with jmc
Reporting course grades with jmc

jmc gives teachers several flexible options for generating course grades to include on report cards and transcripts.

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jmc offers your district a number of options for generating course grades and reporting student progress to stakeholders in jmc Office and jmc Teacher. Implement the grading practices that best match your philosophy by choosing from a traditional or Competency-Based Gradebook, seamless learning management system integrations and report cards and transcripts to help your students make the grade!

jmc's Traditional Gradebook

The Scores module in jmc Teacher is the perfect option for teachers using points and percentages. Track student progress during the term while ending the term with a traditional course letter grade by using one of the many tools available!

  • Grade cutoffs: translate points and percentages into letter grades (typically A through F) to automatically calculate course grades throughout the term

  • Categories and Assignments: create categories such as "Tests", "Quizzes" and "Daily Work" to organize the assignments in your gradebook and create assignments that reflect the learning opportunities you are providing for students

  • Category and Assignment Weights: apply points or percentage weights to your categories and assignments to differentiate the impact they will have on a student's final course grade

  • Assignment Scores: enter assignment scores to chart student progress and provide feedback to students, then publish your results to jmc Student and jmc Family so everyone can keep track of course grades in real time

jmc's Competency-Based Gradebook

The Competency-Based Grading module in jmc Teacher equips teachers with tools to track student progress on standards while providing feedback that eventually calculates to a course grade.

  • Defining Formative Assessments: add standards that are "Calculated to an Assignment Score" along with Formative Assessments to measure student progress on a standard

  • Calculation Options: choose the calculation option that best meets your teaching philosophy to accurately and ethically convert formative assessment results to course grades

  • Proficiency Scales: create color coded results on a proficiency scale to provide students with feedback that encourages learning

  • Scoring Formative Assessments: use the proficiency scale to provide students with standard referenced feedback to focus the learning on the intended outcome

  • Calculating Results: formative assessment results will automatically calculate according to your chosen calculation option to produce an end of term letter grade

Learning Management Integrations

jmc integrates with learning management systems to allow teachers to enter scores on one platform and report end of term course grades with jmc. Employ the resources and innovations of your preferred LMS while maintaining the convenience of jmc for your end of term reporting needs.

  • Google Classroom: utilize the free technology enhanced learning environment to distribute materials and provide feedback, then automatically pull those results into jmc to access the categories and assignments tools without the need for double entry

  • Schoology: implement assessment, classroom management and instructional design innovations within schoology and automatically import the results into jmc

  • Canvas: create your custom learning environment with all of the apps that meet your learning needs with canvas while using jmc class rosters and gradebooks

Report Cards and Transcripts

After teachers send course grades to the office at the end of the term, office professionals have a variety of reports at their disposal. Inform students, families, colleges and future employers of student academic performance with these course grade reporting features in jmc Office.

  • Course Grade Report Cards: email or print a course grades report card including attendance information, teacher comments and grades for all courses in a term to share results with students and families

  • Academic Awards: establish student Grade Point Averages and generate academic awards such as Honor Roll and Class Rank based on course grades to reward outstanding student performance

  • Student Transcripts: create student transcripts to relay course grades, GPAs, attendance information, academic awards and more for college entrance or employment opportunities

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