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View teacher grade submission status in jmc Office
View teacher grade submission status in jmc Office

Keep track of teachers that have yet to submit course grades to the office with the Grade Submission Log in jmc.

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Once teachers have finished submitting course grades to the office you can start sending report cards home but how will you know when all teachers have submitted their grades? The Grade Submission Log in jmc allows you to easily view the teachers that still need to submit grades so you know exactly when you are ready to officially close out the grading period!

In jmc Office, head to Grading > Entry > Grade Acceptance to run a grade submission report.

Step One: Click the "Grade Submission Log" tab to view teachers who have submitted grades to the office.

Step Two: Place a checkmark in the following checkbox(es) to view the following grade submissions:

  • Midterm Grades: grades from the jmc Teacher Midterm Grades page

  • Course Grades: grades from the jmc Teacher Course Grades page

  • Standards and Benchmarks: assessments entered by the teacher on the Edit Assessment pages in jmc Teacher

Step Three: Select the appropriate term from the "Grades Accepted/Imported" drop-down list to view grades submitted for a specified term.

Step Four: Click the "Search" button to view a list of teachers who have and have not yet imported grades.

Fun Fact: The Grade Submission Log report includes the course name, class period, accepted grades, and import date.

Step Five: Click the "Print" button to print the list of teachers for future reference or the "Delete Log Table" button to clear the log with a new grade acceptance period.

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