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Granting Student Scope access
Granting Student Scope access

Grant comprehensive student data access through jmc's Student Scope feature by adjusting user privileges on the "Application Security" page.

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Granting users access to the Student Scope feature in jmc Office provides a convenient and comprehensive view of various student data on a single page. With Student Scope, users can quickly access attendance records, schedules, grades, period attendance, health records, discipline records, student general data, and lunch account details. By adjusting user privileges on the "Application Security" page, administrators can determine which users should have access to Student Scope and grant them the necessary privileges.

In jmc Office, head to File > Application Security, then click the "User Privileges" tab to grant Student Scope privileges to selected users.

Step One: Click a name in the "Users" box to begin adjusting user privileges for the selected user.

Step Two: Select the desired access level, either "Make Changes" or "Read Only," from the respective drop-down lists for each of the following fields to provide users with access to Student Scope:

  • Attendance: view how many days the student has been absent, present, or tardy since the beginning of the school year.

  • Schedules: view all of the courses a student is in for the semester, along with the course number, term, teacher's name, and room number.

  • Grades: view the student's course grades report card including grades for each course and term along with year and cumulative GPA, credits toward graduation and attendance information.

  • Period Attendance: view the number of excused absences, unexcused absences, excused tardies, and unexcused tardies for each period of the day along with the reason for the absence or tardy.

  • Health: view the immunization record for the student including the date of the immunization, the dosage, if it was administered at school, if it is valid, and any associated comments.

  • Discipline: view every discipline record for the specified student, along with the problem behavior, the location of the incident, the reporter of the incident, the actions, and any comments left.

  • Student General Data: view all of the contacts for each student listed along with the type of contact (i.e. primary, lunch, fee, etc), address, email, password, phone number, and any other contact information reported by families.

  • Lunch: if the family uses family lunch contacts, view the family lunch balance, transactions, and the amount of the transaction.

Fun Fact: Granting "Make Changes" or "Read Only" privileges for all applicable fields on the Application Security page allows users to access the Student Scope feature from the "View Student Data" page.

​Step Three: Click the "Save" button to grant the selected jmc Office user privileges to the Student Scope page using the adjusted Application Security permissions.

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