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Providing access to grading tools in jmc Teacher
Providing access to grading tools in jmc Teacher

Complete these tasks in jmc Office to grant teachers access to all of jmc's Teacher's gradebook tools and reports.

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The scheduling tools in jmc Office provide teachers with gradebook access to courses in jmc Teacher to streamline the grading process. Once courses are properly configured in jmc Office, teachers will have access to jmc's suite of grading tools included in the Scores and Competency Based Grading modules. Review all items on this checklist to ensure teachers have gradebook access to their courses in jmc Teacher.

Set Grading Terms in jmc Office

The first step to granting teacher's access to gradebook options in jmc Teacher is to establish start and end dates for each of your terms on the Attendance > Calendar > Days page in jmc Office. Once term dates are established you can begin creating courses with corresponding term types.

Establish the Term Type for a course

Course term types on the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page correspond with the terms established on the school calendar and define the terms in jmc Teacher.

Activate courses for report cards

The "Report Card" checkbox on the Schedules > Course > Edit Course Data page includes the course on course grade and standards-based report cards for end of term reporting.

Create course sections

Sections on "Sections" tab of the Edit Course Data page represent classrooms of students scheduled into a course and are the foundation of scheduling and grading. Adding a section with a term, period and teacher allows students to be placed into the appropriate section. Everything from report cards to progress reports rely upon scheduling students into sections.

Select a grading scheme

The "Grading Schemes" tab on the Edit Course Data page defines the reportable terms for the courses listed in jmc Teacher gradebooks. Selecting a grading scheme enables teachers access to end of term reporting for each course section on their schedule.

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