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Customizing Phone Dialer Settings
Customizing Phone Dialer Settings

Lay the groundwork for trusted communication with your families by customizing phone dialer settings in jmc Office.

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Customize your phone dialer settings in jmc Office to enhance communication with families using the Message Center. With options to set the call center access code, voice preferences for text to voice messages, and caller ID settings for each building, you can personalize your phone dialer experience. By customizing these settings, you can ensure that your messages are delivered effectively and recognized by recipients, avoiding any potential blocks or ignored calls.

Access Phone Dialer Settings by going to File > Administrator Options in jmc Office to tailor your communication approach.

Step One: Select either "Man" or "Woman" from the "Default Voice" drop-down list to customize the voice option for text-to-voice messages sent from the Message Center.

Step Two: Click the "Save" button to update your "Default Voice" settings.

Fun Fact: No need to make any changes to the "Account Id", "AuthToken", "Text to Voice App ID", "Recording App ID", "Access Code", or "External App Url" fields in jmc Office's phone dialer settings. These fields have already been configured by jmc tech support, ensuring that your phone dialer is set up correctly and ready for use without any additional adjustments.

Step Three: Click the "Add Caller ID Number" button under "Caller ID Settings," to associate your school's phone number with outgoing calls from the Message Center.

Step Four: Enter the main phone number of your school in the "Phone Number" field to display outgoing calls from the Message Center.

Step Five (optional): Enter an extension in the "Extension" field to associate it with the displayed phone number.

Step Six: Click the "Verify this number" button to initiate a call from the phone service to verify the authenticity of the displayed phone number.

Helpful Tip: To complete the caller ID setup process, be prepared to answer the phone call from the phone service at the location of the number listed in the "Phone Number" field. This step is important to verify the authenticity of the caller ID number and ensure its successful configuration for outgoing calls from the Message Center.

โ€‹Step Seven: Enter the verification code listed in red using your phone's keypad to authenticate the caller ID number when prompted by the phone service.

Step Eight: Click the "Verify" button after entering the verification code to confirm the caller ID for outgoing phone calls.

Step Nine: Click the "Edit" link next to a building in the "Building Caller ID Settings" box to attach your verified caller ID number to a building in your school.

Step Ten: Select a verified caller ID number from the "Caller ID Number" drop-down list to select the caller ID number to be used for the building.

Step Eleven: Click the "Update" link to use the selected caller ID number with the selected building or click the "Cancel" link to discard your changes.

Helpful Tip: Repeat these steps for each unique phone number associated with various buildings in your district.

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