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What is a Background Check with Orka Works?
What is a Background Check with Orka Works?

What is it and why do you need me to complete it?

Written by Charlotte
Updated over a week ago

Everyone that works in security, or in a secure environment needs to be checked to make sure they aren't a risk.

This is done through the BS7858 check which is a mandatory requirement to work with us.

Security jobs involve a lot of trust, and Orka Works is proud of only working with respected and trusted officers.

In order to pass the BS7858 check and to work with us, you need to provide information about the you.

This includes:

  • Proof of your Right to Work in the UK

  • Evidence of your Activity History from the last five years

    For full information about this, please click here.

  • Evidence of your SIA Licenses

  • Five years of address history

    This needs to be accompanied by something like a utility bill dated within the last three months

  • Information about any criminal proceedings against you, and a couple of other details.

There may be some details you can't provide, or that we can't prove.

If this happens, we'll work with you to try and get it sorted, but without enough information and evidence being provided, we may not be able to pass your check and you may not be able to work with us.

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