This module is similar to a web link, however, instead of loading a web page, it opens a new email.

By default, the module specifies a template URL that you can replace. The template includes an email address and a message subject for you to replace. When the reader clicks on the module, their email application will open and a new message will be generated with the email address and message subject automatically filled in.

The URL field specifies an email address, this is prefixed by mailto:, and a message subject, prefixed by ?Subject=. Spaces are only permitted in the message subject.

  • To begin select Manage for your version, followed by Interactivity

  • Select the Link module category from the Interactivity Module palette 

  • Select Send an email

  • Click and drag the area into the position that you would like to make interactive

  • In the URL field replace the placeholder '' with the email address you would like to use and the placeholder 'Message Subject' with the subject you would like to use.

  • Select Save.


Select the Settings palette for the following options:

  • Title
    Give the module a concise and informative name.

  • Target
    Leave this as the default setting.

Top tip!
Did you know you can also add body to your email by adding &body=YOUR TEXT HERE after the message subject. For example a story&body=Please submit your story below

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