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What is the Resources Manager?

The Resources Manager is a central location in your account, which is used to upload and store files to use in interactive modules.

💡 Example

Citylife Bank have created a Job Offer pack for Jane. They want to provide her with a PDF copy of her contract, so upload it to their Resources Manager. This document can then be used in a 'Download PDF File' module. When Jane views the pack she can select the clickable area and download her contract.

How to upload a resource

  • Navigate to the document that you want to upload a resource to.

  • Select the second icon from the left-hand menu.

  • Select 'Resources Manager'. 

  • Select the 'Version Resources' tab or the 'Document Resources' tab.

  • Depending on the option chosen above, select 'Upload Versions Resources' or 'Upload Document Resources'.

Version Resource

If you upload a file as a Version Resource, it will be available to use in the version you are creating ONLY.

Document Resource

If you upload a file as a Document Resource, it will be available to use in ALL versions stored within the document.

  • Drag and drop the file you wish to upload or select the 'Add Files' buttons.

💡More than one file can be uploaded at a time, saving your valuable time!

  • Select the 'Start Upload' button to upload the file(s).

Once uploaded, the resource will be available to use in selected interactive modules.

Image Gallery modules works slightly differently and require image files to be directly uploaded to it.


Example 1

Select a video resource for a 'Play video file in pop-up' module.

Example 2

Select a PDF resource for a 'Download PDF File' module.

Example 3

Copy the resource link of an image and use it to add an image to a More Information module.

Resources Manager Housekeeping

How to delete a resource

There is no limit to how many resources can be uploaded to your Resources Manager, however we recommend removing any files that are not required.

  • Open the Resources Manager.

  • Select the small bin icon for a resource to delete it.

  • Select 'Save'.

If the resource was used in an interactive module, it will no longer be available.

How to download/save a resource

There may be times that you need a copy of a resource that has been uploaded; perhaps to use elsewhere or share with a colleague.

  • Open the Resources Manager.

  • Select the copy icon for a resource - this will copy the resource URL.

  • Paste the resource URL into a new browser tab.

  • Right click to save the resource.

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