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Below are a some of the common questions we get asked about video modules.

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Why is the sound not playing on my auto-play video?

Much as we try, these settings are sometimes out of our control as they are set by the browser/device the user is viewing the document on. This is so that the user has control on whether they are in an environment to be listening to audio when viewing on their device.

The only work around to allow auto play of the video would be to start the video muted.

Can I download a previously uploaded video?

You can download a video from your Resources Manager.

  • Select the Inventory icon from the left-hand menu, followed by Resources Manager.

  • Select the Copy icon to copy the Resource URL.

  • Open the URL in a new tab and either right-click to ‘Save Video As’ or select the three dots to ‘Download’.

  • Save the video to your computer and it’s ready to use!

Videos created using the Video Generator must not be downloaded, as the licensing terms agreed with our 'presenters/avatars' do not include usage outside of PageTiger.

Why is my video still showing the PageTiger video?

If the sample PageTiger video is playing in your video module, please ensure you have selected your uploaded video file.

  • Click on the video module on your page.

  • Select the required video file from the ‘Select a Video Resource’ drop-down list.

Don’t forget to update the document via the blue arrow in the menu on the left to pull through your changes.

💡Select the 'View' option from the Manage Document screen of your document to test the preview from a viewer’s perspective.

Can I embed YouTube videos on page?

Unfortunately it is not possible to embed YouTube videos on-page; they can only be displayed in a pop-up box. Automation can be used to play a YouTube video when a page loads using the ‘On Page Load’ option - read more about Automation and Videos.

How do I change the size of my video file on page?

The Width and Height of a video can be altered to your desired size in the Settings palette.

  • Click on the video module on your page to activate the Settings palette.

  • Enter the dimensions into the Width and Height fields.

  • The clickable area will then change to the dimensions entered.

The video will enlarge proportionally to the ratio it was created in, ensuring it is not distorted.

How do I change the size of my pop-up video?

The Height and Width of your pop up interactivity can be changed using the Settings palette.

  • Click on the video module on your page to activate the Settings palette.

  • Enter the dimensions into the Width and Height fields.

  • The pop up area will then change to the dimensions entered.

How do I add automation to videos?

Automation is a great way for your Interactivity to 'speak to each other', creating seamless transitions and more professional documents. The example below demonstrates how to turn to the next page once a video has finished playing.

  • Click on the video module on your page, followed by the wand icon.

  • Select ‘Add Automation’ to set up the automation.

  • Choose ‘When Video is Complete’ as the Event.

  • Choose ‘Jump to Page’ as the Action.

  • Now choose which page to jump to.

Automations such as these can be added to any interactive module. It's a good idea to have a play around with different interactivities to see what is possible to automate from each.

Can I use a generated video to create a new video?

Yes! It’s possible to create a new video from a generated video from within your Resources Manager.

  • Select the Inventory icon from the left-hand menu, followed by Resources Manager.

  • Select the 'Create a Copy’ icon for your chosen video and choose ‘Version’ or ‘Document’.

  • The Video Generator will then open ready for you to review and amend.

  • Select the ‘Generate’ button and it’s ready to use!

The video script cannot be retrieved for deleted videos.

Can I change a video script once I have generated it?

Once a video has finished generating, it is ‘complete’ and cannot be altered, however it is possible to use the ‘Create a Copy’ feature to create a new version of the video and alter the script. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the section above.

What is the video upload limit?

The maximum file size for video uploads is 500MB. If your file is larger than this, you can try compressing it. If you are still having trouble, contact and the team can assist further.

Why are my video uploads failing?

If you have attempted to upload a video file and it has failed, the system will store this information, so the video will continue to fail if you try to upload it again. To resolve this, try changing the filename and re-uploading. If you are still having problems, contact who will be able to assist further.

How can I delete a video?

If you wish to delete a video resource, open your Resources Manager, find the file and select the small bin icon.

The only thing to be mindful of is if you wish to delete a 'Version' resource, you need to ensure you edit the version that the file is in, and anything uploaded under 'Document Resources' will make the video available (or no longer available if deleted) from all versions in that particular document.

How do I use the generator to create a video?

You can use our Video generator to create videos from scratch to use in your PageTiger document.

  • Select the interactivity tab at the top.

  • Add a video interactivity.

  • Select edit on the video interactivity.

  • Click on the 'generate' button.

You will be presented with a pop up to edit and input your script etc. See below for more information on each section of the pop up and how to use them.

How do I add a presenter for my generated video?

A selection of presenters (or ‘avatars’) are available when you use the Video Generator to create video.

  1. Enter a Title for the video – this will become the filename for the video.

  2. Type or paste in the script that you want your presenter to read.

  3. Use the slider to scroll through the catalogue of presenters and select the play icon to preview their voice.

  4. Change their position in the video and zoomed in appearance.

  5. Add a background colour or image.

  6. Preview how the video will sound using the 'Play Script' button.

When you are finished and ready to generate your video, select the 'Generate' button. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your video.

💡 The progress of a generated video can be checked in the Resources Manager.

Why do the subtitles move position on my video?

The subtitles appear higher initially and move down when the time bar disappears or the cursor is moved off the video area. How much they 'move up' will vary dependant on the video size i.e. on smaller size videos it will appear to move more due to the height of the video.

Can I prevent users from skipping ahead in a video?

You can prevent someone from skipping through a video by selecting the video module on your page and ticking the 'Prevent Scrubbing' checkbox in the Settings palette.

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