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The power of video, made even stronger with personalised and on-brand generated video content. Our video generator is an exciting tool that enables you to create a video from scratch using AI technology. Simply choose a presenter and give them a script. It's that easy!

How to use the Video Generator

  • Navigate to a Document.

  • Select ‘Interactivity’ for the Version of the Document that you want to work on.

The Version will then open in Interactivity mode and the Interactivity palette can be found to the right of your page.

  • Select the ‘Media’ module type from the ‘Add Interactivity' palette.

  • Add an on-page or pop-up video module.

  • Select the ‘Generate Video’ button.

You will be presented with the below box:

  • Version – the video will be available to use in this version only.

  • Document - the video will be available to use in all versions of the document version.

Choose your preference and you begin generating your video!

Video Generator Options


A preview of the video you create will display here.


Enter a title for your video – make sure it is short, clear and concise.


This is where the fun starts! Enter the script that you would like your presenter to say.


You have the option to either choose a background colour, or upload an image of your choice which will display behind the presenter.

Presenter Style

Choose how your presenter will look, either Normal (head, shoulders and arms), Close-Up (head and shoulders only), or Circle (the presenter will appear in a small circle). What you choose as the background image can help determine this.

Presenter Position

Choose where you would like your presenter to be positioned in the video. What you choose as the background image can help determine this – for example, your background image may have a office desk to the left, and white space to the right. In this case you may prefer to position your presenter to the right.


Choose from a variety of presenters – this is who will be saying your script!

Time to generate!

Once you have completed the above section, select the 'Generate' button.

You video will begin to generate and a pop-up box will display to notify you once it is ready. Feel free to continue working on your document whilst your video generates – it shouldn’t take too long, but give it enough time to work its magic!


Once your video has generated, it will be ready to use in your video module. Simply edit the module and select the video from the ‘Video Resource’ drop-down list. When you next view your document, your bespoke generated video will play in the area that you dragged onto the page.

Generated videos are not licensed for usage outside of the PageTiger platform and should not be downloaded.

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