Once you have subscribed for Payroller you may want to edit your subscription type. There are two types of subscriptions, Monthly or Annual. Here we will go over how to edit the subscription type from monthly to an annual subscription and from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription.

Changing subscriptions from Monthly to Annual.

Select 'Settings'.

Select 'Billing'.

From the subscription screen, select 'Monthly' on the subscription type

Select 'Annual'.

Select 'View order summary'.

Please note: If you change your subscription from monthly to an annual subscription the charge of the annual subscription will occur on the day the subscription has been updated. The new annual subscription will be calculated minus the existing monthly subscription that has already been paid.

Review your order summary and select 'Proceed' to confirm.

Once you have successfully updated your account, you should receive a confirmation through your email.

Changing Subscriptions from Annual to Monthly.

From the subscriptions page select ‘Annual’.

Select Monthly on the Subscription type

Select ‘View order summary’

Please note: when editing an annual subscription to a monthly subscription type, your new monthly subscription will be charged at the end of your current annual subscription period.

If everything looks good, select ‘Proceed’ to continue.

Your upcoming plan will now be shown under Billing details

Please note that if your agent is currently paying for your subscription then you will not be able to edit the subscription type unless you enter your own credit card details to change the plan. If you are paying for the subscription and would like to provide your agent, access to customise your subscription you will need to provide them with the access to do so.

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