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Signing up for a subscription (Employers)
Signing up for a subscription (Employers)

As an Employer, learn how to sign up for a Payroller subscription to make pay runs on Web

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As an Employer, learn how to sign up for a Payroller subscription with our simple guide. With a Payroller subscription, you can then access all Payroller features on both Web and Mobile.

Once you have finished adding your employees you will want to start creating your first pay run. But first, you will need to sign up with a standard plan to run your first pay run.

Step 1: Select "Upgrade your plan".

You have the option to select Lite, Standard, or Enterprise solutions.

  • The Lite option gives you free access to Timesheets & Rosters, Leave Management, Employee App, and Payroll & STP on Mobile.

  • Standard gives you a paid subscription to access all the features available on the Lite version as well as Payroll & STP on Web, Super Stream Integration, and Xero Integration.

  • Enterprise options are also available for Employers who have over 30 employees. If you are interested in this option please let us know on the support chat. In the meantime, select Standard and start getting set up.

Step 2: Select Yearly or Monthly plan and Select ‘Subscribe Now’ to begin.

Step 3: Fill out the number of employees and your payment details.

Please note that your subscription is subject to a minimum spend. A Minimum spend is a minimum charge depending on your selected Billing Schedule. The Minimum spend is indicated on your Subscription Management page and the Payment Summary when you checkout.

Step 4: Once you are happy with the details select ‘Confirm’.

Signing up for a subscription is a renewing contract for the annual or monthly period selected. Please make sure to double-check that you are subscribing for the correct annual or monthly subscription period. Once you have subscribed, the plan will renew at the end of the current billing cycle.

You can cancel this subscription at any time but once a charge has occurred the amount cannot be refunded. Canceling a subscription will cancel the subscription at the end of the current billing cycle.

If you do not wish to be charged for any employee seats that are no longer required, please make sure to deactivate the employee. Then, remove the employee seat from billing before the next automated payment.

If you have made an error on your subscription please feel free to reach out to us at

Once you have subscribed to a plan you can edit the number of employee seats, and download an invoice on the Billing page in the Settings section.

Your subscription receipt should have arrived in your email inbox.

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