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What is the Tali Dashboard?

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The dashboard provides a way of accessing things quickly. You can see a high-level view of transactions over a time period, search account balances or transactions, and see a breakdown of accounts, names and transactions in Tali.


  • Enter income or expenditure by clicking Income or Expenditure in the Transactions section of the dashboard.

  • Cancel transactions or transfer between accounts from the More Transactions drop-down list.

Tip: You can also select these options from the Transactions tab.


  • Click Search Account Balances to search your account balances, or Search Transactions to search your transactions.

Tip: You can also select these options from the Reports tab.

Bank & Cash

See a banking summary with a breakdown by cash in hand, cheques in hand, and the amounts in your various bank accounts.

  • Click Report to view the Bank & Cash Summary report.

  • Bank Income to bank income.

  • Click Reconcile to reconcile a bank account.

Tip: You can also select these options from the Bank & Cash tab.

Organisation Summary

See a breakdown of the number of accounts, names and transactions.

  • Click Names or Manage Names to manage the names set up.

  • Click Accounts or Manage Accounts to manage the accounts set up.

  • Click Transactions to search the transactions.

Tip: You can also select Manage Names or Manage Accounts options from the Administration tab.

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