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Tali - Pay Income to Bank
Tali - Pay Income to Bank

Record cash and cheques you are paying into the bank in Tali

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This is where you record money (cash and cheques) you are paying into the bank.

Note: If you are drawing a cheque for cash, use Bank & Cash > Draw Cheque for Cash. For more information, see the Article, Draw Cheque for Cash.

Fill in a paying in slip

  1. Select Bank & Cash > Pay Income to Bank.
    A list of cheques in hand and cash available to pay in are displayed automatically.

  2. Filter the list of cheques displayed by entering a character or characters you want to find and the list adjusts accordingly to show you a shorter list to choose from.

  3. Select the cheques you want to pay in, by clicking in the box to the left of the cheque in the list displayed.

  4. Select the cash Amount to Pay in.
    The total amount of cash you have available to pay in is shown in Cash Available to Pay in.

  5. Select the Bank account to pay the cheques and/or cash into.

  6. The Paying-in Slip Number and Date are displayed automatically.
    Amend the Date if required.
    The Paying-in Slip Number increments sequentially each time you enter a new paying-in slip (once you have entered the first number).
    You might need to amend this number if the paying-in slip you are entering is to correct an error on a previous paying-in slip or on a draw cheque for cash transaction. If so, we recommend that you use a paying-in slip number outside your current range, e.g. 00001. Try not to make it a larger number than the one you are using currently.
    Note: If Tali won’t accept your paying-in slip number, this may be because it is a duplicate. For information on how to resolve this, see the Article, How do I deal with a duplicated cheque? as this article deals with duplicated paying-in slip numbers and cheque numbers.

  7. Click Pay in Receipts to Bank.

Amend a paying in slip

Cancel a paying in slip

Reprint a paying in slip

  • Use Bank & Cash > Bank History. For more information, see the Article, Bank History.

Deal with a bounced cheque

Cancel a payment

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