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Tali - Record Expenditure

How to record Expenditure in Tali

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To be able to save Expenditure, you must select an Account, enter a Description, enter an Amount and select a Name.

Enter Expenditure for Bank Charges/Coach Hire

  1. Select Transactions > Record Expenditure.

  2. Choose the Account you have created to record charges.If you need to create an account, you can do so by clicking Manage Accounts. For information on creating an account, see the Article, Create Accounts

  3. Enter the Description, e.g. Bank Charges/Coach Hire.

  4. Enter the transaction Type as Cash/Cheque/Direct Debit.

  5. Choose Bank Account.

  6. Enter the Date as the date on the bank statement/the day the cheque is written.

  7. Enter the Amount of charges debited/invoice amount.

  8. Choose who the money was debited from a Name e.g. Bank Charges/Coach Company.
    If you need to create a name, you can do so by clicking Manage Names.
    For more information on how to do this, see the Article, Create Pupil Names Manually. When you have finished, return to the transaction and choose the name you have created.

  9. Click Save or Save & Print.

Print a payment

   1. Click Save & Print when you finish entering the Expenditure. The Print window               opens and you can choose the printer, number of copies and so on.

Split Expenditure across accounts

You can do this if the Expenditure Type is Cheque or Direct Debit.

When you save the transaction follow the prompts at the top of the screen in the yellow bar. Clicking on Split this Expenditure will allow you to do this.

For more information on splitting expenditure, see the Article, Split Expenditure.

Enter contra-entries

If you need to cancel Expenditure in a closed period, enter a contra-entry Income (Direct Credit) in the current period. This leaves a trail in Tali for audit purposes and you will also be able to reconcile and remove the Expenditure from the reconciliation screen using the newly created contra-entry.

Note: Always use Transactions > Cancel Income or Expenditure Transaction to cancel transactions in the current period.

Reprint a payment

  1. Select Reports > List Payments by Cheque/Voucher Number and follow the      instructions in the Article, List Expenditure by Cheque/Voucher Number.

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