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Tali - List Expenditure by Cheque/Voucher Number
Tali - List Expenditure by Cheque/Voucher Number

List expenditure transactions and reprint cheques if required in Tali

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This report is particularly useful for reprinting payments that have already been entered.

Use the search criteria

  1. Enter the criteria you want to display the results you want.

  2. Click List Payments.

Change the display sequence of the expenditure transactions

  • Click the hyperlink column name to re-order the display of the payments. For example:- clicking on Number will order the display in ascending or descending order- clicking on Type will order alphabetically- clicking on Amount will order by amount.

Note: You can’t re-order the list by Bank Acc or Name.

Print an individual payment slip

  1. Enter the relevant cheque and/or cash transaction number in the From and To fields.

  2. Clear Include Cheque Transactions or Include Cash Transactions if necessary.

  3. Click List Payments.

  4. Click Print.

Print payments list as a table

  • Click Print. A prompt tells you your report is being prepared. Once it has been prepared it is displayed as a PDF and you can then print the PDF file.

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