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Edit pupil names in Tali

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Use this screen to update pupil details. If you are using SIMS, you can copy SIMS GUID and MSID numbers to pupil records in Tali. For more information, see the Article, Assign SIMS GUID and MSID numbers to pupil records

  1. Select Administration > Manage Names.

  2. Filter the list to find the pupil you want. For help on this, see the Article, Find Names

  3. Click the hyperlinked Name to open the Update Pupil screen.

  4. Enter the pupil Forename, Surname and Unique pupil number (Upn) if required.

  5. Optionally, select Gift Aid Donor. This will enable the display of G on the GA column in the Manage Names list, showing you at the top level which pupils are eligible for Gift Aid.Note: This is not mandatory. Not selecting this check box will have no effect on claims for Gift Aid.

  6. The In Use box is selected by default when you create a pupil name in Tali.If this box is not selected, you won't be able to select the pupil on the system.If you don't want to be able to select the pupil on the system anymore (if they have left the school, for example), clear the In Use box.

  7. Select the Year, Class and Registration Group for the pupil from the drop-down lists.

  8. Click Add Contact to add contact details.Not every person who donates will be eligible for Gift Aid but you should still record their contact details in order to record donations against them. You should also record their contact details in case their Gift Aid status changes.

  9. Select Use this contact for Gift Aid if this contact is eligible for Gift Aid. If the contact is not eligible for Gift Aid, do not select the check box.

  10. Enter the Contact Name, Address, Post Code, Phone Number and Email Address. You can copy in this information from the Parent/Guardian Gift Aid Declaration form, or the contact details you have on record.These details are mandatory for claims for Gift Aid.

  11. Enter the Gift Aid Eligibility From and To dates.

  12. Add additional contacts by clicking Add Contact as many times as required.Note: Only select Use this contact for Gift Aid for one contact that is eligible for Gift Aid, based on the information in your Gift Aid declaration records.

  13. If you need to delete a contact, click the x at the top right-hand side alongside the contact details. 

  14. Click Save.

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