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Tali - Create Pupil Names Manually
Tali - Create Pupil Names Manually

Create Pupil Names Manually in Tali

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This describes how to add pupil names manually in Tali.

If you want to import a batch of names, see the Article, Import Batches of Pupil Names.

If you want to import names using MISapp with SIMS, see the Article, Import Names using MISapp with SIMS.

To add organisation names see the Article, Create Organisations.

Create a pupil name

  1. Select Administration > Manage Names.

  2. Click Create New Name to open the Create New Pupil screen.

  3. Enter the pupil Forename, Surname and Unique pupil number (Upn) if required.

  4. If you know that their contact can GIft Aid donations, select the Gift Aid Donor box.

  5. The In Use box is selected by default when you create a pupil name in Tali.If this box is not selected, you won't be able to select the pupil on the system.

  6. Select the Year, Class and Registration Group for the pupil from the drop-down lists.

  7. Click Add Contact to add contact details.

  8. Select Use this contact for Gift Aid if this is the contact to use for Gift Aid.

  9. Enter the Contact Name, Address, Post Code, Phone Number and Email Address

  10. Enter the Gift Aid Eligibility From and To dates.

  11. Add additional contacts by clicking Add Contact and repeating steps 7 to 9 as many times as required.

  12. If you need to remove a contact, click the x at the top right-hand side alongside the contact details. 

  13. Click Save.

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